Mental Health Services

CSI offers a variety of talk therapy and other behavioral health services, including In-Home Mental Health, Office Psychotherapy, Children’s Services, Therapeutic Mentoring, Neurofeedback Treatment, and Psychological Evaluations.

As a member of the National Health Service Corps, CSI offers services on a Sliding Fee Discount Program. Download Information & Application

In-home Behavioral Health
Home-based individual and family therapy for adults and children

Office Psychotherapy
Individual and family therapy for adults and chlidren in-clinic; Psychiatric evaluations/medication follow-up

Children’s Services
Play therapy at home or in the clinic; School-based interventions; placement stabilization in homes, schools, and the community

Therapeutic Mentoring
Therapeutic Mentoring promotes a youth’s success in navigating various social contexts, learning new skills, and making functional progress in the community.

Neurofeedback Treatment
Neurofeedback Treatment leads to improvements in concentration, relaxation, and clarity. It is like physical exercise or physical therapy training for the brain.

Psychological Evaluations
Psychological evaluations; Court-involved assessments by our experts

Community Support Program (CSP)
Assisting consumers in enhancing their daily living skills; Providing service coordination and linkage

Services for Veterans
CSI’s commitment to the most vulnerable population in the community includes working with veterans suffering with the symptoms of PTSD.