Tucci joins CSI, with focus on neurofeedback

Dr. Anthony Tucci has returned to Community Services Institute in 2020 as a Postdoctoral Fellow where his experience with performance psychology will be combined with neurofeedback for the purpose of improving the quality of life of his clients.

Tony Tucci
Dr. Anthony “Tony” Tucci

Tucci, who prefers to be called “Tony”,  has returned to Community Services Institute in 2020 as a Postdoctoral Fellow as he completes his preparation for sitting for licensure as an independently licensed psychologist.  Tony is a graduate of the CSI Doctoral Internship Program, 2018-2019 where he was introduced to neurofeedback training.

Dr. Tucci’s approach involves utilization of interventions from multiple forms of therapy, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal and psychodynamic therapy, and performance psychology. Interventions focus on helping to improve intrapersonal functioning through teaching client’s methods for affect and mood regulation. Once intrapersonal functioning improves, interventions shift focus to improving interpersonal functioning so the person can develop a social support network. Once a person achieves effective intrapersonal and interpersonal functioning they can begin working on achieving life goals they once deemed unattainable.

The mission of Community Services Institute’s Neurofeedback Program is to provide a unique approach to many common problems plaguing people’s lives. The program began by providing alternative treatment approaches to tinnitus, a symptom of a greater issue where the client experiences chronic ringing in the ear. From there, the goal of the program is to expand the client population and focus on a treating a wide array of concerns and conditions.

The program also aims to develop a training center for new neurofeedback clinicians and interns. Community Services Institute’s Neurofeedback Program is a place where clinicians interested in learning about neurofeedback can receive access to didactic trainings, be placed on the path to becoming a certified neurofeedback practitioner, and receive supervision from licensed psychologists.

Neurofeedback is slowly but surely rising in popularity, and it is the goal of the Community Services Institute Neurofeedback Program to spread the word!

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