Online resources to clinical specific training, policies, forms, and references for CSI employees.


CLINICAL and CBHI forms are available here.

Clinical Policy

CSI Clinical Policies and Procedure ManualPDFEffective 02/2016

Clinical Reference

Community Resources Guide - Western Massachusetts PDFPrepared by Ilknur Citlak and Cherry Ann Galanida as their Intern Admin Project
Quick Reference Guide for Children and Teens: Grief and Loss PDFPrepared courtesy of Amanda Lichtel, CBHI Therapeutic Mentor
Recommendations of OxyContin and Heroin Commission 11/05/09 PDFThe report details 20 policy areas where changes are recommended to better handle substance abuse issues in the Commonwealth.
Quick Reference to Psychotropic Medication PDF

CBHI Resources

CBHI Client Support Resource Guide PDF
CBHI Therapeutic Mentoring Resource Guide PDF
CBHI Resource Guide: Seals + Plus PDFSelf Esteem and Life Skills: Reproducible activity-based handouts created for counselors
Western Mass Food Bank LINKFood pantries and meal site locaters, food stamps, WIC nutrition program, and EIC/CTC tax credits.