CSI offers comprehensive health, dental, life and short-term & long-term disability insurance and 401k retirement plans to all eligible full-time employees after a 60 day new hire waiting period.

  • HEALTH: Dual choice health coverage is provided through Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Employees may choose either the HMO Base plan or the PPO Buyup plan offering $20 co-pays for most preventive services. Calendar year deductibles do apply to certain services.
  • DENTAL: Full service dental coverage is provided through Blue Cross Blue SHield Dental. Preventive services are covered at 100%, basic at 80%, and major at 50% with an annual in and out of network combined maximum of $1000.
  • LIFE INSURANCE: Company provided life insurance benefit equivalent to 1x annual salary not to exceed $100,000 available through Mutual Of Omaha Insurance company.
  • SHORT TERM & LONG TERM DISABILITY: Offered through Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, in the event of illness or injury, a minimal employee contribution that provides weekly payments for disability leave for income protection.
  • 401K: Company sponsored 401k retirement savings plan administered by The Principal. Open to all CSI employees age 21 or older and after completion of 1 year employment and 1000 hours worked

CSI contributes 75% toward the individual premium and 50% of the family premium for both health and dental with the exception of the PPO health plan which receives same dollar contribution as the HMO.