Lyrics - Back Off Bully

Back Off Bully, Get Out of My Face,
Everybody Needs their Personal Space,
Do Your Own Thing, Get Off My Case,

Did You Ever Notice that Trouble Comes In Threes,
The Bully, The Bystander, and The Victim, That’s me,
The Bully Needs Attention, The Victim gets Hurt
The Bystander just Watches and Doesn’t say A Word,

Shame is The Bully’s Game,
The Victim Stands There And Takes The Pain,
Bystander You fan The Flames,
Round and Round It’s a Hurtin’ Game,


We Don’t Like The “Bully Game”, With All That Pain And Shame,
We’ve Got Other Things To Do, Better Roles To Play,
Im Not A Victim, I am A Person, I Will Stand Up For Myself,
I’m Not A Bystander, I am A Friend Who Can Look After Someone Else,

Change Bully, You Can Change,
You Don’t have To Play That Hurtn’ Game,
Try A Different Role, Try A Brand New Way,
Its Easy, All You Have To Say Is


Performed by: Little Feat

Written by: Peter J. Newland, Stuart W. Twemlow, MD, and Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D.