Planning Guide

Developing anti-violence programs for schools is a big decision. There are many different ways to approach the strategy of choosing a program.


Any school can decide to begin a program to improve their school’s learning climate by reducing bullying. Programs can be customized to fit any level of school from grades K-12. Key school personnel need to be trained and supervised for the first year to fit a program to their school. Single school program development is the most intensive and focused programming for one school.

Program Development Materials

A full range of educational materials can be used in developing this program. Schools can use customized artwork, cartoon characters, workbooks, posters, buttons, magnets that all use the program message to reinforce the anti-bullying message. The Program Manual offers a detailed outline used in the research programs in elementary schools. 

A 55-minute parent video, 13 minute children’s video, and audio CD of kid’s song: BACK OFF BULLY are available. (Insert link to videos) These video and audio products can be used in a variety of ways in school and at home.