Besides being entertaining, the youth video features a catchy theme song BACK OFF BULLY, which has been well received, at schools using Twemlow & Sacco Violence Prevention Programs.

The song has our basic message. Do not fight. Do not be whiny and submissive, but be strategically aware, well postured, and know some ways to get out of trouble and find help.

Youth Version (15 min.)

This video is used at school in Physical Education and Health classes. It contains all the fun singing and dancing combined with the basic skills taught through role playing and bullying scenarios. Parents can also use the video at home.

Parent Guide (55 min.)

Expert advice from the fields of psychoanalysis, psychology, martial arts and meditation. A parent’s guide designed to help parents learn strategies to cope with a child who is or may be bullied:

  • Techniques are Mostly NONPHYSICAL
  • Relaxation and mind/body control
  • Survival Mindsets
  • Posture and Assertive Presentation
  • Quick escapes using role played tricks
  • How not to be a victim: BACK OFF STANCE

Parents are also shown 3 physical strategies to provide some response in the case of extreme danger such as child abduction, sustained physical attack, or being thrown to the ground.

The video draws from the original work of the 3 experts who have developed this MIND/BODY training model to help children by helping their parents solve a problem that most children have during their school years.

Parents are advised to look at the video first to understand the message. It is 55 minutes long and meant to be a parent training guide that is viewed and practiced and then used with the children. Watch it with them.

The tape can be useful in connecting teachers and parents. Parents might send it to a teacher or a teacher to a parent. Whenever parents and teachers team up, bullying behavior can be contained in most cases.

Outside help may be needed and the parent and teacher could make this decision after they have tried some techniques in the video. The video is designed to be a bridge between school and the home.