Selected resources to help address bullying in a therapeutic setting.


Back Off BullyBack Off Bully
A free library of resources to help develop anti-violence programs in schools.



Zen of Parenting AloneBack Off Bully comic
Use this fun and approachable comic strip to teach kids about bullying.



Mean Teens Bullying WorkbookMean Teens
A free comic workbook to help teens, parents, and teachers address bullying.



power-struggles-sm Power Struggles (PDF)
A free activity workbook for grades K-5 to help kids, parents, and teachers address bullying.



gentle-warrior-smGentle Warrior Child Safety Program (PDF)
This martial arts themed training aims to make students aware of the bully, victim, and bystander roles and to teach them more effective coping skills along with non-violent ways to deal with others.



gentle-warrior-smGentle Warrior comic 
Use this informative comic to help kids understand roles and coping skills as they learn to interact with others.