Psychological Assessments

CSI has a number of programs that offer evaluations for 3 main purposes:

Design and Plan Psychotherapy and Differential Diagnosis

This is a medical evaluation often requested by psychotherapists having trouble making progress in treatment and are seeking a deeper understanding of the nature of the problems they are treating in therapy.

Psychological Testing including intelligence, personality, and brain damage screening assessments and diagnostic interviews. This service is covered by Mass Medicaid and many other private health insurances.

Risk and Trauma Assessments for Case Management

This type of assessment is often requested by child welfare, special education, or court professionals responsible for the supervision and placement of traumatized and disruptive youth.

Psychological Testing to establish levels of trauma, intellectual capacity, existence of learning disabilities, suicidal potential, and placement recommendations.

Expert Psychological Assessments and Parenting Evaluations Used for Court

CSI offers some of the area’s most well recognized experts in the fields of child and family mental health. Experts are seasoned and experienced as witnesses in juvenile court in Care and Protection cases.

Parenting Assessments for Care and Protection

CSI offers 2 main types of assessments used by CPCS attorneys for parents and children.

The first is a traditional psychological testing battery administered to a child or adult. Often, these evaluations are useful to help capture your client’s current personality strengths. In C&P cases, parents are trapped by their past which is constantly used to justify unfitness in 210 cases.

The second is a parenting evaluation which involves an expert visiting and observing parent and child interactions. This type of evaluation is useful if a parent has invested years in parenting and the children want contact. This is a so called “bonding” assessment, which is a generic term for observations of parent and child interactions with an eye for attachment and emotional connection indicators.  This can be used in asserting the “best interest of the child” when a parent has not invested the time and wants to make a dramatic, last-minute attempt to parent. Children’s relationship within pre-adoptive settings can be documented. For example, the negative impact of disrupting a child well settled into a pre-adoptive family can be predicted based on a thorough evaluation of the child’s current life circumstances.

Both assessments can involve record reviews, attorney consultation, and field visits at various locations. Expert testimony can be offered in the fields of psychological evaluation & child and family mental health.

FAQ for Attorneys

What Services Are Available?

CSI offers services primarily to CPCS for indigent clients.  Experts are also available for Probate cases with psychologists available for APA style child custody assessments.  These are private, self-pay services no covered by medical insurance.  The assessments are an attorney’s work product not part of a medical record.

CPCS cases require a motion asking for the expert services needed. Once the motion is secured, it must be sent to CSI.

All referrals and requests for expert phone consultation in either Boston or Springfield should contact 413-739-5572, EXT 11, Laura.

An expert can be scheduled. Experts are also available to assist attorneys by phone in the preparation of motions and creating a strategy for the use of an expert.

How Much is a Typical Assessment?

All services are billed at $200 per dollar for Ph.D. experts and $150 for senior Social Work experts. A typical psychological evaluation is $1,500 for the clinical work in a simple case. Testimony is billed separately. All services are door-to-door with 15 minute minimal phone consultation billing units. Services are billed monthly.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Report?

CSI experts will provide immediate phone feedback to attorneys. Written reports generally require 3-4 weeks. RUSH jobs are welcome and can be requested with less than a 1-2 week turnaround.

How Long Will I Have To Wait for An Expert Appointment?

In most cases, a CSI expert can be scheduled within 1-2 weeks.

Where Can a CSI Expert Conduct an Evaluation?

CSI experts are mobile and flexible. Evaluations can be arranged throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Travel expenses will vary and can be estimated prior to assessment.

Our Experts

Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D.
President of CSI, Scholar in Residence for CSI’s Pre-Doctoral Internship & Child and Family Mental Health Expert

Mark Gapen, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Licensed Psychologist, Senior Faculty & Supervisor & Manager of CSI’s Pre-Doctoral Internship

Robert Storey, Ed.D.
Massachusetts Licensed Psychologist; Senior Psychologist, Psychological Evaluation Expert

Belser Louie, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Licensed Psychologist, Supervisor CSI’s Pre-Doctoral Internship Program