Talk Therapy

CSI is a full service private mental health clinic with 25 years experience delivering over half a million therapy visits to hard to reach Medicaid families in the Springfield and Boston areas. CSI is a “boutique clinic” specializing in psychotherapy delivered to multiple problem families in their homes.

We Specialize in Mental Health Services for Families

As a licensed clinic, CSI offers multidisciplinary services including children’s services, psychologic testing & evaluations, office psychotherapy, in-home behavioral health, therapeutic mentoring, and specialty parenting and risk evaluations. CSI pioneered the use of home-based psychotherapy to stabilize children living in high-risk community families or substitute care homes. CSI is dedicated to keeping families together in the community safely.

Psychotherapy is Our Passion

Multi-disciplinary teams offer support, treatment planning oversight, and medical and psychological backup. The therapy is the primary service offering families options to solve problems, deal with crisis early, and live safely together in their community. CSI prides itself in offering its clinical staff the best supervision, training, and documentation support.

CSI’s President, Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D. published his first book in 1982 on Outreach Family Therapy and has been a pioneer in developing techniques to empower families to solve crisis before children have to be removed.