Therapeutic Mentoring

Therapeutic Mentoring services are provided to youth (under the age of 21) in any setting where the youth resides, such as the home (including foster homes and therapeutic foster homes), and in other community settings such as school, child care centers, or respite settings.Therapeutic Mentoring offers structured, one-to-one, strength-based support services between a therapeutic mentor and a youth for the purpose of addressing daily living, social, and communication needs.

Therapeutic Mentoring services include supporting, coaching, and training the youth in age-appropriate behaviors, interpersonal communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution, and relating appropriately to other children and adolescents, as well as adults, in recreational and social activities.

Therapeutic Mentoring promotes a youth’s success in navigating various social contexts, learning new skills, and making functional progress in the community. Therapeutic Mentoring has been used effectively in engaging youth trapped in their rooms in excessive gaming and with school disruption, and is also useful for High School students failing to launch into young adulthood.

CSI offers a unique application of Therapeutic Mentoring. We work prior to, or after completing, Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) services. CSI is unusual in its longstanding commitment to providing psychotherapy in client’s homes. This allows CSI to offer both the home-based therapy (CBHI clinical hub) and Therapeutic Mentoring in the same agency. Parents are assured of weekly coordination between TM and therapist.

CSI’s Therapeutic Mentoring program has produced 3 peer-reviewed articles and a book chapter on its application of TM and home-based therapy.

Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI)


The Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) is an inter agency initiative of the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services whose mission is to strengthen, expand, and integrate Massachusetts state services into a comprehensive, community-based system of care to ensure that families and their children with significant behavioral, emotional, and mental health needs obtain the services necessary for success in home, school, and community.